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The visa procedure for Armenia is a breeze and you can acquire it from any Armenian Consulate / Embassy that’s nearest to you. Being a Qatar resident, the nearest Consulate were in UAE & Kuwait.

I opted to fly into Abu Dhabi and apply the visa personally since we were short of time, with the GCC Eid Holidays scheduled to begin in 4 days.  If you have ample time in hand, you may courier your documents and passport directly to them or approach a relevant travel agency. Indians cannot obtain visa from any of the Border check points and hence has to have the visa prior to travel.

The documents required for submission are –

  1. Original passport with 6 months validity
  2. Visa application form duly filled in – click here
  3. 2 passport size photographs in blue background
  4. Hotel booking confirmation (optional – I just mentioned the hotel details in the application form and was accepted)

In Abu Dhabi, the Embassy is located at Al Karamah 24 Street, Zone 2  (@ the Embassies District). If you are driving from the city, then turn right from the traffic lights in front of Novotel Al Bustan (Novotel on your left hand side), drive straight and take a left turn at the first traffic lights and drive straight for 100 m or so and you will see the Embassy on your right hand side.

Once you enter the premises, the consular section is on the left hand side of the building (not the center door). Once they verify all your documents, then they will ask you to do your payments through their E-portal. So make sure you have your internet connection available on mobile (no Wi-Fi available in the premises).

  1. Go to their e-portal (check below pic) http://www.e-payments.am
  2. Change to English language
  3. Scroll down until you see consular services
  4. Click on 21days single entry (or whatever is your choice)
  5. Then it will show the amount to be paid – click on it
  6. Then shall ask you to pay by PAY PAL
  7. If you don’t have a PAY PAL account, scroll down and create one for each applicant (you cannot club the payments into one account for all the applicants)
  8. Pay the specified amount

Once you get the payment confirmation, show it to the personnel there, they will confirm the receipt of your payment, print and add it to your application and then give you the date to pick up your visa. Voila… That’s all…

The visa fee for Indian Passport Holders intending Single Entry for/ upto 21 days is 7 USD per person.AM E PAY

P.S:  The lady at the reception will help you with the procedures but if you want to avoid the wait, you may follow the procedure as mentioned above.

If you are visiting Georgia (if it’s an inclusion in your Armenian tour itinerary), then you can apply for the Armenian visa @ the Consulate in Tbilisi with the above mentioned documents and the processing time is 3 working days. If you intend to / are visiting Azerbaijan or Turkey, then the only route to get into Armenia is through Georgia (Tbilisi). So that is also a good choice.

From Qatar – Qatar Airways fly directly into Yerevan with a flying time of 3 hours.

Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Etihad are you options to fly directly into Yerevan from UAE

For additional information may email to the Embassy at visa@mfa.am or call at (+37460620516);

In Abu Dhabi – call +971 2 444 41 96 or mail to armemiratesembassy@mfa.am

Update to Armenian Visa Procedures:

As per the latest update from the Embassy of Armenia in UAE, GCC residents*  with a valid residency visa of your respective GCC country are eligible for VISA ON ARRIVAL in Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport. The Embassy official confirmed that the new law has been relayed to all the airlines as well airports of GCC countries. The official confirmed VOA for Indian citizens and few other nationalities, though the VOA is not open to some nationalities in spite of possessing an GCC Residence Visa.

Below is an excerpt from the Embassy website:

*Important Notes

In border-control points only 3-day Transit visas and 21/120 days Visitor visas are issued.

Foreigners who can travel to Armenia only upon invitation cannot obtain Armenian visa upon arrival.

Have you traveled to Armenia recently? If so, Please share any further information on this here, so that it’ll be a great help to fellow and prospective travelers.

Bon Voyage