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Eid was approaching with a blissful number of holidays showered upon… Shy was already looking forward to his next trip and asked me to decide the destination. I was just back from my month long travel from South East Asia and was a bit tired. Nevertheless, the thought of getting to explore a new country poured in some energy and so I sat with sleepless nights searching for a potential destination that fitted our vacation days as well the current weather. I wanted to fly to the Scandinavia as the climate at this time of the year was excellent and  a rescue from the building up heat and humidity of Qatar (and similar GCC countries)… But Shy was reluctant as the travel time was too much for him, plus quick visa procedures as we were left with only few  weeks ahead before the holidays began.

So we decided on the Caucasian countries finally –

Azerbaijan – They have an Embassy in Qatar and the visa procedure is easyGYD

Georgia – Everyone were flocking to Georgia from the GCC due to the Visa – free entry rule for all the GCC residents. We had been to Georgia last year and loved the country so much that visiting it again was a welcomeTBS

Armenia – Acquiring visa is a breeze but the only problem is that the nearest Consulate was in either Abu Dhabi or Kuwait. Find the details of the visa procedures in my next postYEREVAN

The plus point with all these countries is the availability of low cost / budget carriers like Fly Dubai and Air Arabia flying to these destinations for reasonable price. On Qatar Airways, the flying time to these places are no more than 2 – 3 hours, expenses are very pocket friendly, less touristy and awesome hospitality towards foreigners, especially Indians.

And so we made it to these Ex-Soviet countries nestled in the Caucasian Mountains, which were also part of the Ancient Silk Route, and subjected to countless invasions by the Russians,Iranians& the Ottoman Turks. All of them are blessed with breathtaking views, nature in abundance and great climate even during this Summer… Food is another allure to visit them.

We flew into Azerbaijan, walked across the border to Georgia,then crossed over to Armenia and flew back to Qatar.

It is advisable to follow this route rather than vice-versa, the reasons of which I shall detail in my upcoming posts.

Are we willing to revisit these countries???

Definitely YESSSS


Have you visited these countries? If so what are your opinions? Did you enjoy your visit or did you face any hardships? Do share in your story too..