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Turkey ….. there are lots and lots of taglines that best describes the country and I feel that those are not enough. It’s a melting pot of cultures, civilizations, diverse people, religions that has ruled on, kingdoms that have captured and tried to make HER their own…. But she stood out shining… withstanding through thick and thin of all those time.

Turkey is immersed in history and her chest is proud with those priceless medals of the time immortal… showered upon her by those probably from or before the Hellenistic period until today… Turkey is a favorite of every History buff, every archaeologist and each of those who love to eat yummy food…

Every country I visit, I keep a vow to return to them to explore deeper… to see those that I couldn’t squeeze into my itineraries… But I feel even if I migrate into Turkey, it would take me a year or more to see and feel the immense and vast places and sights and food culture…. !!

We are just back from our travel to this wonderland…. and shall be filling you with the Turkish updates soon….