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Kismish and her hubby Barfi came over to our house for a chit chat and as usual we ended up deciding to take a gastronomic stroll as they hadn’t had their dinner yet and Kismish was drooling over some nice pasta to have… (Jamie Oliver was cooking some pasta on Fatafeat which was damn tempting… LOL).

We decided on hitting Farggi and drove to Emadi Financial Square but alas… Farggi had moved out and Zaffran had moved in place. Since Pasta was etched in our mater.. we decided to check out MBCO. Quickly Kismish checked out their menu and rating on Zomato and they seemed fine. We hopped next building to MBCO and decided to sit outside to enjoy the weather (which is like the ‘Summer Shine’ for the London-ers).

The menu was extensive and tempting. After few minutes of discussion we gave our order – Spicy Lamb Pasta for Shy, Angry Shrimp Carbonara for Barfi, Tagliatalle Alfredo with Chicken for Kismish and Mini trio Brasserie Burgers for me.

First came the Lamb and Shrimp pasta. Barfi first dug in and I could see a complete satisfaction on his face as he savored on the shrimp… and then in the next minute I could see the smile drop down as he chewed on the pasta… The expression was so audible that Kismish immediately tried it…. she tried seasoning it generously again but not much of difference. I don’t know why but poor Barfi always end up choosing the wrong food and have to force it down.. this time with a glass of minty Lemonade. Shy’s Lamb pasta was just palatable.

Then came the Alfredo and Mini Burger. One bite into my mini and… and… an earthy flavour … something like biting into an unwashed & skinon beet ….. the orange marmalade was a little too sweet. Now it’s Kismish’s turn and all faces were towards her and her tagliatalle… Hesitant, Kismish tried her first bite and boom… we exploded laughing.

There is a lot of room for development in here, an input of more taste…. creation of signature dishes… I would definitely want to be there again but to have a better taste.

I’m not a food critic but i feel I must resonate my thoughts in here…..