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Crystal MosqueAfter a long thought we decided to explore the Crystal Mosque.  Fed the destination on to the GPS and set out in our car. The route seemed forever and never ending as the GPS calculations were going crazy with varying distance info. It was getting dark and we were driving on a totally strange path.

We decided to make a detour but as a last chance for ourself decided to stop by few interior roads going through villages to ask around about the Crystal Mosque. Typical village Malay slang looked impossible to digest but with sign language and bit of Malay we were able to sort out our route to the Crystal Mosque.  It took us another hour to finally get close to the wonder Mosque.  From a distance itself it captured my eyes in total astonishment.  As we approached the Mosque it was as if we were suddenly sucked into the pages of the Arabian Knights Story book!  The Mosque was so cool beyond imagination. It is actually built of glass from the base to the tip of the minaret.  Its sparkling view is breathtaking and steals your heartbeat.  You would be taken away from this world of chaos into a dreamland that you don’t feel like letting go of.  The mosque is built in the middle of an island which makes it even more colorful and beautiful.  The reflection of the mosque in the calm river water is a real treat for your eyes.  The surroundings are kept clean and tidy.  Nearby is a seafood restaurant that is is a must try for seafood lovers.  Overall our long journey into this fairyland was totally worth.  All that long drive fatigue was completely overridden by the beauty of this gorgeous Masjid. The Mosque is a part of The Islamic Edutaintment City – Taman Tamadun Islam, situated on Pulau Wan Man, in the Eastern state of Kuala Terengganu. This complex also comprises of a park with the miniature replicas of the famous and historical mosques/ Islamic architectures of the world like Masjid An Nabawi of Saudi Arabia, Masjid Negara of Malaysia, Taj Mahal,etc, a convention centre, the Bbeteng Restaurant complex (they have the best Lobster grill… ;)) and a lake where you can find the local youth fishing with bare hands and the little light from their mobile screen as a guide!! The Floating mosque, Masjid Abidin which reminds of a colonial touch to this white beauty, the Pasar Payang market are a few to name, that would keep you totally engaged once you are in the city, not to mention about the breathtaking islands of Pulau Prehentian and Pulau Redang, a must visit in this state.